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I started working with GE Smallworld's GIS software products in 1992. Most of my work since then has been in the utilities sector and principally in telecommunications – although I have also worked on projects in the gas, electricity and cadastral sectors.

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I have worked extensively with the Physical Network Inventory (PNI) telecommunications package beginning with the first version; for fibre, copper and coaxial networks. Projects have included major network design for cable television networks, implementation of a GIS for a pan-European fibre network, software customisation and development for large telecomms companies such as Deutsche Telekom or Telmex. For further details about projects I have worked on please take a look at my projects page.

I can offer the following services for GE Smallworld products:

Please contact me here if you are interested in contracting me.


FOSS4G 2014

This year was the third time I have attended FOSS4G, the international conference for open source GIS and mapping software. The first one I attended, in Denver in 2011, was  my chance to find out what was going on in open source geospatial development. Despite many years of working in the GIS field, almost everything I saw and heard about in Denver was new to me, an indication of how it's possible to work in a specialised area and yet miss so much of what is happening around you.

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